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Community Development

Community Development places the community at the heart of initiatives to alleviate poverty. Development promotes resilient and empowered communities that are working to lift themselves out of poverty.   GPM provides these communities with the resources they need to break the cycle of poverty. 

GPM recognizes that communities have their own resources and ability to determine what is best for their futures, however what they often lack is the resources to actualize the initiatives they want and need to change their reality and create a better future.  This is exactly where GPM steps in, together with communities, we determine a plan of action to implement their initiatives and empower them to create change. The vast majority of our staff are from the communities where we work, and they have a vital role in determining the implementation of GPM's projects. Communities determine their needs and together we determine a plan of action to tackle these needs and break the cycle of poverty.

Preserving and celebrating indigenous heritage is crucial for community development among historically marginalized tribes. Indigenous cultures bring a rich and vibrant history of art which GPM strives to help to incorporate within communities' development.

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MAST Mokhada farmers

As tribal farmers in remote villages found it difficult to sustain themselves, unable to sell their produce, GPM has stepped in with an innovative store marketing their products and generating life sustaining income to struggling farming families.

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