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Class2Class is a great opportunity for students to get involved with children in India -- no matter what grade you're in or where you live in the world. You and your friends can connect with Indian children while making in difference in their lives -- and your own.  

In many ways, the children in Mumbai are just like you. They love their families, they enjoy playing with their friends, and they are mostly busy going about their daily lives. Children in the slums want to learn, and their parents want them to receive an education and to have a brighter future. However, in other ways, life for children in the slums of Mumbai is very different from that of most Western children. In the Mumbai slums entire families live in one room shacks with no water or electricity and little food. Children as young as five years old are often sent to work in dangerous and dirty jobs – cleaning sewers, collecting garbage, and trading scraps. Children forfeit school just to earn pennies a day, pennies that enable their families to eat. In the slums health, basic hygiene and nutrition are difficult to maintain. Going to school is a privilege -- children who learn to read and write can further their education, learn a trade, get decent jobs, go to university, and eventually create a better life for themselves and their families. GPM invites you and your class to learn more about the children in India by connecting with a class, sharing experiences, and supporting the children's ability to go to school.


It’s simple: Your class adopts a class of Mumbai schoolchildren living in the slums. Over the course of the year, you learn about their lives, you exchange photos, and you raise money to help support their expenses for books and food. 

Read more about the innovative GPM "Eat to learn" project that keeps Indian children in school. 

Sponsorship is easy and fun; and the impact is great! It is inexpensive to support a classroom for the year in the slums of India and the connection made by your students with the students in India is priceless. 

In return for sponsorship, your class will receive:  

  • You will exchange photographs and stories with the sponsored class

  • You will receive monthly updates on your sponsored class – what they are studying and how they are doing

  • You will start a “pen pal” arrangement with students from your sponsored class*

  • You may want to send a teacher or some students to Mumbai to meet the class you sponsor

  • Optional: 'Skype' with the class, ask the students questions and they can ask questions to your class. Connect and share... (this depends on technological capabilities and other logistical arrangements)

For more information please contact

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