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Interning at GPM


Gabriel Project Mumbai has partnered with service and international development organizations who send skilled volunteers to intern with GPM in various positions and for varying lengths of time.

Longterm Internships

Gabriel Project Mumbai holds space for several long-term internships for qualified individuals interested in international development. These internships are based in the rural tribal district of Mokhada and interns work with the GPM staff in various roles. These can be sponsored or unsponsored internships depending on what is available. Interns work within the organizational needs focusing on community development in Education, Hygiene, Health, Nutrition, Social Services, Agriculture and Livelihood programs.

One Year Internships

One of of our year-long internships is through the JDC JSC Fellowships in conjunction with the Pears Foundation. Currently two positions are held for this internship.

Four-month Internships

A four-month internship is available through the Hebrew University, Glocal International Development MA Program.

Summer and Four Week Internships

Summer and one-month long internships can also be organized.



The Volunteer Residence

Mokhada. Located three-four hours drive from Mumbai, is in the Mokhada tribal district of Palghar, Maharashtra. The residence has a lovely kitchen, wifi, beautiful views and wonderful people to meet. Living in the laid-back village is a great relief from the bustling city of Mumbai. The residence is in walking distance to the GPM work centers. Interns can shop at the local village market, grab a mango lassi and join in cultural experiences in the village while working with GPM staff who hail from the sorounding villages.

Application criteria

This internship programs are open to all with some specific interships have their own acceptance criteria. In general candidates should have:

  • Commitment to social justice

  • Flexibility and openness to others

  • Ability to handle working in adverse conditions

  • Good command of English

  • Valid passport


Important to note: The living quarters are kosher and co-ed (separate gender-rooms). They are also a smoke-free, drug-free and alcohol-free zones. 

Course of Study

Depending on the type of internship, some of the following sessions and courses of study provided are:

Spoken Marathi. Marathi is the language of Maharashtra which includes Mumbai and the tribal villages. This course enables the program participants to communicate with the people in the villages as well as children in the slums using common words and phrases in local dialects; it really enhances the interaction with the children!

International Development. Participants learn and discuss issues of food-insecurity, healthcare, gender and development, responsible volunteering, international development and global poverty.

Indian Culture.  India has both an ancient and captivating culture. This course provides a general overview of Indian culture, sociology, values, religious beliefs and history from both a national and regional perspective.  Occasionally participants will go on field trips to important cultural sites and experiences.


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