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people live in the Dharavi slums in Mumbai.

-The Economist


people live per square kilometer in Mumbai.

-The Guardian


people in India live without running water.

-Charity Water


children in India die every year from malnutrition.


By GPM Staff

Lecture: Understanding Power Dynamics in the Development Sector 

Thaiza Dias, Ben Azzai lecture series (16.35min) 2023


Climate Change, Urban Migration, and Tribal Communities: a Cycle of Marginalization

Rachel Gerber and Jacob Sztokman, Glocal International Development Magazine 2020


Innovative Education for Girls and Women in Rural India

Thaiza Diaz and Jacob Sztokman, Glocal International Development Magazine 2019

Jewish Peoplehood: A View from Mumbai

Jacob Sztokman and Elana Sztokman, Peoplehood Papers 13

Global Poverty and Hunger


  • Some one million people live in the Dharavi slums in Mumbai, Asia's biggest slum, The Economist​

  • 50,000 people live per square kilometer in Mumbai, The Guardian

Social Justice in the Jewish Tradition 

Jewish Ethics and Social Justice

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz

Strangers and Kindness in Jewish Culture

Dr. Elana Sztokman


Large collection of educational resources on hunger. 

Dvar Tzedek

American Jewish World Service

A series of commentaries on the Torah portion using the lens of social justice. 

Social Justice Bibliography

Repair the World

Social Justice Panel 


Exploration of how to educate for social justice in Jewish schools and educational environments.



Perspectives on social justice around the Jewish holidays and other Jewish themes using Torah texts.

Jewish Texts About Social Justice


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