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What We Do

GPM believes that breaking the cycle of poverty starts with community empowerment, but in order to break the cycle there are basic resources communities need access to.
Nutrition. Education. Health. Community Development.

Breaking the cycle of poverty requires a multi faceted approach to development. Children need an education to succeed, but they cannot study if they are hungry or sick. Thus Education, Nutrition, and Health make up the Triad of Children's Development. Community development encompasses the community in which these children are growing up. By providing income opportunities to their mothers, they have more to eat at home and access to improved living conditions. Similarly, by instituting recycling programs, children are growing up in a healthier environment. All of these projects also contribute to ending child labor. When parents have enough income to feed their children, when school provides free lunch, and the community stops relying on child labor, the lives of children are transformed. With this transformation in their childhood they are given an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through education.

Every child has the right to learn. GPM provides the resources and access to make this possible.

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