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Indigenous Heritage

Preserving and celebrating indigenous heritage is crucial for community development among historically marginalized tribes. Indigenous cultures bring a rich and vibrant history of art which GPM strives to help to incorporate within communities' development.

Gabriel Project works with the Warli tribal indigenous group in what are classified as "tribal areas" or rural villages that are historically Warli. Warli customs are centered around nature, and life in harmony with the land. The community survives as subsistence farmers and as such land and agriculture are central. Additionally, Warli dancing and paintings are a part of their communities' traditions which GPM works to help them celebrate. 


GPM assists the Warli Community with their dance troupe, which both celebrate the culture and provides a source of income to the community. Additionally, GPM sells Warli paintings which are a beautiful homage to the Warli way of life. 


 These paintings provide much needed income to the artists and allow them to continue with their traditional art forms. 

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