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COVID-19 Emergency Response  


GPM’s response to the Coronavirus in the

slums and villages


Like all global emergencies, the Corona Virus is most perilous for vulnerable populations.

For the people living in the Kalwa slums and in under-served villages in India people

are suffering under the lock-down. There is no work, no food and people are starving.

In response to this imminent threat, GPM staff are working tirelessly in these communities

in an emergency campaign called Operation CoVER: Corona Virus Emergency Response

to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 and to keep thousands of families from starving!

Download an extensive report on our Corona Virus Emergency Response: 


Since the pandemic hit, GPM has: 



                                     Provided groceries to over 6,000 families through our food                                                       emergency distribution (FED) program.



                                     Disseminated over 30,000 flyers and 100 banners throughout the                                             urban slums to provide information on health and safety during the                                               coronavirus 

                                     Built handwashing stations in 5 rural hospitals that have COVID-19                                             treatment services. 

                                     Distributed more than 30,000 facemasks and bars of soap                                                       throughout slums and villages.


                                       Provided 500 liters of hand sanitizer to 5 hospitals 



                                       Sustained livelihoods for dozens of women in economic                                                           empowerment collectives  in the villages



                                       Provided 5,000 meals to doctors and nurses at COVID hospitals 




                                        Supported 100's of children’s learning through open-spaced                                                      classrooms




                                        Operated a robust medical facility in the heart of the slums tasked to                                            provide basic healthcare and infant vaccinations

Meanwhile, our safe drinking water facility and our medical center are operational as they provide invaluable health and hygiene services to prevent the spread of the virus among the most vulnerable in the community.


As the Coronavirus continues to rage on, our work is not done. We are appealing to you for urgent assistance to ensure that the Coronavirus pandemic does not spread through the slums, and that the community continues to have the resources that they need to survive.


Please help support the safe drinking water, the medical clinic, and the emergency measures that we are taking to prevent the Coronavirus from engulfing the Kalwa slum.  


Please donate here:

With much thanks and gratitude and wishing you all good health!

 India's poorest 'fear hunger may kill us before corona virus'

-BBC, 25 March 2020

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