COVID-19 Emergency Response  

Urgent campaign to prevent the spread of Corona virus in the slums


Like all global emergencies, the Corona Virus is most perilous for vulnerable populations. For the people living in the Kalwa slums and in under-served villages in India people are suffering under the lock-down. There is no work, no food and people are starving.

In response to this imminent threat, Gabriel Project Mumbai staff are working tirelessly in these communities in an emergency campaign called Operation CoVER: Corona Virus Emergency Response to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 and to keep thousands of families from starving!


The CoVER campaign needs your help:

                                 $20:  2 meals a day for seven days for a front-line worker, such as  doctors, nurses,                                                  police and medical support staff. This is usually a daily lunch and dinner during                                                long shifts.

                                 $28: One-month essential grocery packages for elderly, widowed, single parent of a                                               small family- essential items such as oil, lentils, chickpeas, beans, flour and rice.                                               Many elderly and single parent families fall between the cracks of aid during the                                               pandemic!


                                 $34: One-month essential grocery packages a family of 5-7 essential items such as oil,                                             lentils, chickpeas, beans, flour and rice to feed a family of 5 for one month. We                                               have distributed over 1100 food packages and we have another 1500 families in                                           need!

                              $100: 150 washable cloth face-masks for front-line workers made by our women’s sewing                                           collective for village and slum residents- a great way to support women during the                                             COVID-19 lock-down!

                              $500: Complete community hygiene kit- hygiene education materials, bars of soap,                                                    protective face- masks, safe drinking water where needed, COVID-19 education                                              materials for a village of 500-600 people.

                            $1000: Build a hand-washing station with 4-7 faucets for a rural COVID-19 designated                                                treatment hospital (we have already built two such hand-washing stations and we                                              have been asked to build handwashing station in 2 other rural hospitals)


                             $5000: Support an entire tribal village of 100-120 families during COVID-19 with meals                                              and hygiene equipment as per the need of the village residents.

Meanwhile, our safe drinking water facility and our medical center will be fully operational because they provide invaluable health and hygiene services to prevent the spread of the virus among the most vulnerable in the community.


We are appealing to you for urgent assistance to ensure that the Coronavirus pandemic does not spread through the slums, and that the community continues to have the resources that they need to survive.


Please help support the safe drinking water, the medical clinic, and the emergency measures that we are taking to prevent the Coronavirus from engulfing the Kalwa slum.  


Please donate here:

With much thanks and gratitude and wishing you all good health!

 India's poorest 'fear hunger may kill us before corona virus'

-BBC, 25 March 2020


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