Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM) is an NGO that works with local communities in caring for vulnerable children in slums and under-served rural villages of Maharashtra, India, by providing a grassroots response to poverty, malnutrition, disease, illiteracy, hunger, and child labor in India. 

Founded in 2012, GPM uses a creative, compassionate, and carefully-crafted strategic approach of The Triad of Children’s Well-Being. By attending to three core issues simultaneously – education, health and nutrition – GPM creates the best environment to maximize the ability of vulnerable children to change the trajectory of their lives.

 You may not be able to complete the work, but you are not free from the obligation to try.

Our Mission

To work with local communities in developing grassroots responses to poverty, malnutrition, disease, illiteracy, hunger, and child labor in India. 


Our Vision

Education is a vital key to addressing poverty, child-labor and malnutrition among children in vulnerable communities.  

However, education does not happen in a vacuum. In order to have the best chance at success, educational opportunities need to be combined with nutrition and health care. GPM calls this the "Triad of Children's Well-Being". By attending to all three issues at once,  GPM is offering children the  best chances at breaking the cycle of poverty and child labor.  


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Gabriel Project Mumbai

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Gabriel Project Mumbai is a US

IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. EIN# 45-4541556

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