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Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM) is an NGO that works with local communities in caring for vulnerable children in slums and under-served rural villages of Maharashtra, India, by providing a grassroots response to poverty, malnutrition, disease, illiteracy, hunger, and child labor in India. 

Founded in 2012, GPM uses a creative, compassionate, and carefully-crafted strategic approach of The Triad of Children’s Well-Being. By attending to three core issues simultaneously – education, health and nutrition – GPM creates the best environment to maximize the ability of vulnerable children to change the trajectory of their lives.

 You may not be able to complete the work, but you are not free from the obligation to try.

Our Mission

We partner with community stakeholders to fill critical gaps in education, healthcare, nutrition and livelihood for the underserved in India.

Our Mission

Our Vision

GPM envisions an India in which everyone has access to food, education, healthcare and livelihood opportunities to build communities that are self-sustaining and flourishing. 



value community leadership in all aspects of our work.

foster inclusivity regardless of caste, creed, religion, gender, or income status.

support closing gaps between government efforts and community needs.

strive to be innovative, integrated, and responsive in our approach to development.

champion human rights, social justice, and an equitable society.


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