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Community Center

Community is central to community development.

GPM has opened two community centers which offer a meeting place and act as the heart of community activities. Marginalized communities have many resources that are not necessarily financial and social capital is often one of the strongest resources within such communities.  Community centers provide a meeting point, a place to hold community events and for the community to join together and work together to break the cycle of poverty. 

The centers hosts meetings, cultural events, festivals, and communal gatherings -- as well as visitors from all around the world. Our community centers are wonderful tools for nurturing communal development. 


GPM built the first community center in the remote rural village of Ashte in Western Maharashtra.  GPM opened a second community center in the urban slum of Kalwa in Mumbai. The Joshua Jacob Greenberger Memorial Learning Center in the Bhaskar Nagar neighborhood in the heart of the Kalwa slum, is named in in loving memory of GPM-Entwine fellow Joshua Jacob Greenberger who tragically passed away in May 2017. It facilitates accessible quality educational support to children from preschool through tenth grade and provides a central location for teacher trainings and community outreach.


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