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There are many different ways to volunteer with GPM, from one day to several months, you can find or create the volunteer structure that's right for you. Volunteering has a great impact, both on the lives of children in the villages and slums, and on you!

Mumbai is home to over seven million children under the age of 14 who are growing up in abject poverty. The World Health Organization estimates that about 49 per cent of the world's underweight children and 34 per cent of the world's malnourished children live in India. Education is the key to reducing these figures. However, in Mumbai, because food is scarce and the primary focus is on day-to-day survival, there is tremendous pressure on children – even as young as four years old – to work. Slum children work as rag pickers, sewage cleaners and other unhealthy and dangerous jobs, earning a few cents a month in order to stave off their families’ hunger. Education and literacy are put off as parents struggle to balance the immediate needs for family survival of the family over the need of a child to grow, develop, and study in order to build a different life.

Our Volunteers serve in our Love2Learn program, promoting improved access to education for children in the slums and access to improved nutrition. 

One Day. One Week. One Month. Make an impact. See opportunities below.

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