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Tribal Women’s Collective Creating Sustainable Herbal Healthcare Products


Niyama is the concept of healthy living. This ancient holistic idea is used in many areas of daily life, especially in tribal communities in India. While these communities have been historically marginalized for centuries, they have maintained a deep connection to nature and how nature can provide the materials for healthy living.

GPM was introduced – by local tribal women – to the many indigenous flora used for medicinal purposes in the communities. These tried and proven ancient remedies were used for centuries in healing ailments caused by the rigors of rural village life. 

Intrigued by the success of these remedies and the abundance of natural herbs, flowers, tubers and leaves, GPM created Niyama – a tribal women’s collective creating sustainable herbal healthcare products. Run by a women’s collective in the tribal district of Mokhada Palghar, Niyama aims to share tribal healthcare wisdom and healthcare solutions with the wider public. 

Niyama healthcare products use only natural materials and eco-friendly packaging. The collective members receive dignified salaries and share in the profits of product sales

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