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Masala Mamas

Sixteen women who live in the Kalwa slum are dedicating their lives to making sure children eat and learn.

Every week, GPM provides over 1,000 hot, nutritious meals to children attending school - this is made possible by the Masala Mamas. Every morning, the women get together in a small kitchen and cook. They greet each other with blessings and bindis, and then they get to work. They cook hundreds of meals – hot nutritious meals from fresh ingredients and aromatic spices. They cook with extra special love, care and dedication. Because their customers are the most important people in the world: children. Every day, the women deliver the food to our projects, where our kids know that if they show up to learn, they will eat.


Kids come to school where they learn AND they eat. The women are building a social enterprise that helps their families and their communities. And they do it while working to transform the lives of the children.And most of all, they do all this while rebuilding what they lost when they left their villages: Connections. Friendship. Love. All through food!

Children receive warm, wholesome meals that keep their minds and bodies healthy and strong. The

GPM solution of providing meals for children in school addresses both short-term and long-term needs

of the children. The immediate need of hunger relief is achieved, malnutrition is abated, and a sound

education is established to help promote a better life for children of the slums. All the while, the

women are employed, and nurturing the youth of the Kalwa slums.  

The Masala Mamas have also published a book! Recipes and Stories of Indian Women Changing

the World through Food and Love is a cookbook like you’ve never seen before. Each cookbook

purchased supports the women's collective and the meals they cook for the children.

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