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The Love2Learn school program fully incorporates the GPM concept of the Triad of Children’s Development. That is, children need education, health, and nutrition support simultaneously in order to end the cycle of poverty.  8 village schools serving 800 students. 

This program, which was created by GPM educational staff Kenneth Desouza and Thaiza Diaz in collaboration with government educational institutions and staff, uses a holistic approach to development, innovative pedagogies, and a fun, student-centered atmosphere of foundational learning. Fully incorporating the Triad of Children's Development, Love2Learn fights poverty and child labor while caring for the literacy, health and nutrition needs of the children – the vital components that the children need to thrive.  


Education. The primary aim of Love2Learn is to see every child succeed in literacy and math. The school uses progressive, culturally sensitive approaches to problem-solving and language acquisition. Love2Learn also incorporates some vital creative enrichment components to enrich the children’s learning experience. The school offers engaging performing arts activities for creative expression and personality development, as well as technologically-based interactive English teaching through e-learning.


Nutrition.  The GPM “Eat to Learn” approach, in which every student receives a fresh, hot meal in school,  has been fully integrated into the Love2Learn school infrastructure. This approach, which has been endorsed by former US President Bill Clinton, ensures that children will have the warm tummies and nutritional boosts that they need in order to learn, while providing parents with powerful incentives to keep their children in school.

Health.  Love2Learn provides a Mobile Health Unit with medical personnel that visit the villages every day. They provide check-ups, vaccinations, preventive care, hygiene education supported by Sundara, and follow-up care. The Mobile Health Unit ensures that the basic medical needs of all 800 children are cared for.

Since the opening of Love2Learn, GPM has been approached by other villages with requests to expand the school. Five more villages have been added to the school thus far, and partnerships continue to develop. 

As a result of the success of this, GPM opened up a branch of Love2Learn in Kalwa, the urban slum in Mumbai. 

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