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Fruit for Kids

GPM in partnership with the Good People Fund launched an exciting "Fruit for Kids" campaign to add fruit to the diet of the children living in the slums, in order to strengthen the nutritional impact of the meals and ensure that the children receive all the nutrients that their beautiful growing bodies need and deserve. 

Here are three great reasons why children need fruit: 

  1. Fresh fiber. Fruit is an important source of fiber, which improves digestion while decreasing the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

  2. Vitamins and minerals. Fruit is vital for potassium, which helps keep children's blood pressure balanced; for vitamin C, which boosts immune systems and helps prevent infection; and vitamin A for healthy eyes and folate for normal DNA production.The vitamins and minerals in fruit  also keep children's kidneys working normally, which decreases his risk of kidney stones, and helps build bone mass. Fruit also reduces the risk of certain types of cancer such as throat, esophageal and stomach.

  3. Cognitive development. Fruit improves brain development, and research shows that a diet rich in fruit actually results in higher test scores. A healthy diet that includes fruit can also increase children's focus in the classroom.

Special thanks go to the Good People Fund for allocating a matching grant for “Fruit for Kids” campaign, to our friends at Modern Trousseau for their generous gift to the program and to the many friends and volunteer alumni of GPM who pitched in to make the 'Fruit for Kids' campaign a reality for the children living in the slums. 


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